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Listed below is a selection of lifts that I service and repair. If yours is not listed please call me as I have vast experience of working on a number of different stairlifts.

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UpWARDs Lifts FAQs

Stairlifts come in two types, Straight and Curved.


As the name suggests a straight stairlift will run on a straight flight of stairs. This type of lift is generally cheaper to purchase as they are less complicated to install, these run on a length of aluminium rail that is fitted on to the stair treads. A straight stairlift can often also be moved easily to another location should the need arise.


Fitted to a staircase that has a turn/ fan steps or with a landing in between.


A Reconditioned or a Second hand stairlift can be bought from various places/ auction sites. Depending on your type of stairs I have a selection of reconditioned stairlifts that may be suitable. Any Stairlift supplied by me comes with warranty and a guaranteed 24 hour call out. You can be assured with my 25 years of experience and knowledge in the stairlift sector that I can guide you to the best stairlift that suits you.

Should you purchase or be gifted a stairlift from elsewhere I can also install the stairlift providing it is up to standard. Call me on 083 4753 253 for more information.

Stairlifts are "handed" to suit the flight of stairs. When stood at the bottom of the stairs looking upwards, a Left Hand stairlift will run on the Left side and vice-versa for a Right Hand stairlift, some stairlifts can be exchanged, but some cannot. This mistake occurs quite frequently and is very dangerous as the leading safe edges are on the wrong side, therefore the lift will not stop in the case of an obstruction and may cause injury to the user. ​

The stairlift will be used by a loved one and far too often I see stairlifts that have been poorly installed. Is it really worth the risk just to save a few Euros? ​

A Reconditioned stairlift is generally not suitable for a curved staircase as the rail is designed for the original set of stairs.

Re-cutting and bending of a rail to suit another staircase can be a dangerous practice. In rare cases some stairlifts can be moved providing the properties/ steps are identical. ​

Again I must stress, Buyer beware. I have called to customers that have purchased a curved rail in the hope that it may fit theirs, and quite often it will not. This can be an expensive lesson.


If a new carpet is to be fitted, sometimes it can be easier for the carpet fitter to have the stairlift removed during this process. As above with the refitting by a an inexperienced stairlift installer, unseen hazards can arise. No disrespect to any carpet fitter but certain tasks are better left to somebody that is trained how to do this. Dependent on your type of stairlift I can remove your stairlift and refit it when your new carpet has been laid. Call me for a competitive quote.

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If you are looking for your first stairlift, with over 25 years experience within the stairlift sector I can guide you to the ideal stairlift that best suits your needs. Quality You Can Count On...Service You Can Trust.

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